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First time setup

This manual is prepared using V1.4.3.96. If in some of the feature versions there is a change I'll update the page.

How to setup the app for the first time:

Install the app.


When start the app for the first time you should see this screen:


Click on the "Find Bridges" button.

When the bridges are found the "Select Bridge" button will be enabled, so click on it.

You will see the list of the bridges. Click on the one you want to connect to.

Then click on the "Connect" button.

When you do this, press the button on your Philips Hue Bridge.

And you should see the list of the lights connected to your bridge.

Once connected click on the "connection" icon () to see the status.


If for some reason you see this icon - , that means you are not connected. Try the steps again.

In rare cases you need to close and reopen the app in order to see the list of lights.



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