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Setting up extended presets

Here is the manual how to setup extended presets in the LightControl app.
What is extended preset? This is a preset that allows you to control groups in addition to just bulbs in the regular preset. Also allow you to set the brightnes.

Extended presets are paid feature in the app. This manual is good also if you haven't unlock the extended presets. Just not all of the operations shown here will be allowed.

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Import Moods

Coming soon!

How to add a mood

In order to create a mood and be able to check how it will look like use these steps:

From Lights view open editing of the state of some light.

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Import Presets

How to import a Preset.

Click on the link for the presets.

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First time setup

This manual is prepared using V1.4.3.96. If in some of the feature versions there is a change I'll update the page.

How to setup the app for the first time:

Install the app.

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