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Setting up extended presets

Here is the manual how to setup extended presets in the LightControl app.
What is extended preset? This is a preset that allows you to control groups in addition to just bulbs in the regular preset. Also allow you to set the brightnes.

Extended presets are paid feature in the app. This manual is good also if you haven't unlock the extended presets. Just not all of the operations shown here will be allowed.


First go to Presets view in the app. Click on the plus icon as shown bellow.


This will open the Add Preset Activity. Here you can change the icon for the preset by clicking on the icon shown bellow.


From the dialog to pick up an icon you can select the icon that best remind you for the preset. If some icon is missing an would like to see it very much please send me an e-mail.

Select preset icon dialog

Once the icon is selected you can enter the preset name.

So now we are ready to add some group into the preset. Click on the icon with three bulbs so it will add a group.

Enter preset name


After the group is added you can configure it. First let's select a group from the list of groups.
The text is giving you a hint how to select a group "Click to select a group".

Click here to select a group


From the dialog shown you can pick a group. Note that you must already have groups created. If you don't have any created, go back to the groups screen and add some.

Pick a group

After the group is picked you will see the name in the list. As you can see I picked the group Bedroom.

Now it is time to select the mood. Click on the icon marked with red bellow.

Click to configure mood.


You might have diferrent list of moods. You can add new moods.

Pick a mood

When the mood is selected you can set the brightness with the slider. I haven't change it so its the maximum.

Click on the single bulb icon to add into the preset control over a single bulb. This feature is available in the regular presets.

lightcontrol manuals extended presets 09

Select a bulb from the list by clicking on the text.

lightcontrol manuals extended presets 10

From the list with bulbs pick one. Notice that the bulbs that are in group already used will not be shown here.

Pick a bulb

 After the bulb is selected let's select a mood for it. Click on the icon marked with red to open the moods list.

lightcontrol manuals extended presets 12

Pick a mood from the list.

Pick a mood

We are ready with the preset creation so we can save it.

Save the preset

Check that it is in the presets list.

Check the presets list


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