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Versions History

Upcoming version:
 - Implementation of Widget for Presets.

 - Added ability to upgrade the bridge software.
 - Added support for groups managed by the bridge. Need latest bridge firmware.
 - Improved the schedules. Also support groups.
 - Added groups widget.
 - Bug fixes.
 - Improvements in the code.

 - Added theme selection between Dark and Light themes
 - Added more icons
 - All icons resized for large screens
 - Sorting by name added for the bulbs, groups and presets.
 - When adding timed mood now can rearrange the positions of the time slots
 - Improvements in the schedules behavior
 - Bug fixes

 - Optimization to set the bulb parameters faster (brightness, color, color temperature)
 - Added schedule templates.
 - Bug fixes.
 - Improvements in the code.

 - Added support of Philips Hue Schedules
 - Improvements in the GUI
 - Added setting so now in the groups view you can show ON and OFF icons at the same time

 - Bug fixes.

 - Bug fixes.

 - Fixthe crash introduced in the previous version when Schedules are configured.

 - Ability to add custom predefined light states from the colors and the color temperatures.
 - You can delete the predefined light states except the ON and OFF states.
 - Added logging. It can be enabled from the preferences and logs into the external memory.
 - Improvements in the communication with the Philips Bridge.
 - Improvements in the UI.
 - Fixes to work correct with the latest Bridge firmware - 01008227.

 - Export of presets
 - Remote connections. You can now forward some port from your router and to control the lights from anywhere.
 - Improvements in the import of moods
 - Added more default moods - generated only on new versions or see next line.
 - Added option to regenerate the default moods if deleted - check the settings for this.

 - Fixed the edit of timed mood. It was regression in the previous version and not every time all slots were loaded for editing.
 - Share moods improvements.
 - Improvements in the custom controls.

 - Beta version of "Share Moods"
 - Improved edit fields for when enter names for Group, Mood and Preset
 - Few bug fixes.
 - Extended the About dialog. 

 - Fixes and improvements in the Extended Presets
 - Improvements in the UI

 - Improved the initial connection to the bridge.

 - Improvements in the compatibility with devices running SD less than 11(HONEYCOMB).
 - Few UI bug fixes.
 - Improvements in the in-app billing.
 - Improvements for the Presets.


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